A Prayer for Ryan




Godís Gift



Is the Creator and Master of the Universe.

He created the earth, the moon and sun.

He created mankind.

He gave us the Gift of Life.


God is everywhere

He surrounds us with his presence.

He is like the air we breath.

He gives us life.


Jesus Christ is like the

water flowing over the earth.

He quenches our thirst.

He gives us life.


The Holy Spirit is like the

food we eat.

He gives us nourishment.

He gives us life.


God gave us life here on earth.

He gave us the promise of eternal life,

Of love and complete happiness,

in Heaven with Him.



























Dear Ryan,


Happy Birthday Baby!

Today youíre 28.

I canít believe two birthdays have passed.


Next week you would be coming home for Thanksgiving.

Oh how you loved the holidays, the turkey and stuffing.

Iíll never be able to make stuffing without my helper.

You always had to taste it to see if I had enough spices.


Oh, how I miss the little things we did.

I miss your hugs and saying ďHi Mom.Ē

I miss hearing your laugh and seeing your smile.

I love and miss you so much.

I pray one day weíll be together again.


Love, Mom